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dinosaur bichir

Dinosaur Bichir – The Senegal bichir (Polypterus senegalus) likewise known as the grey bichir as well as Cuvier’s bichir, is sometimes called the “dinosaur eel” (a misnomer, as the creature is neither an eel neither a dinosaur) also called “Dinosaur Bichir” or “dragon fish” in the family pet trade.

It is a prototypical varieties of fish in the Polypterus category, indicating most of its attributes are held across the category. Typically kept in bondage by enthusiasts. They are native from Africa where they are the most widespread species of the genus.

Bichir (Polypterus ornatipinnis) is a freshwater fish, which belongs to the Polypteridae household. These are gorgeous fish with extended body, vast head as well as circular tail. They can mature to a dimension of 2 feet in length. These fishes have actually screened body with hard rhombic ranges and on their body they have fins in a row lengthwise.

Fast Fact about Bichir Species


  • Named : Polypterus senegalus senegalus
  • Summary : An ancient fish family members, they have been around given that the Mesozoic age. They are a very durable fish and can come to be quite tame in a house fish tank.
  • Quick stats: Detailed container sizes are the minimum
  • Size: Up to 20 inches (50.5 centimeters).
  • Tank:48 inches.
  • Strata: Bottom.
  • PH:6 to 7.5.
  • Firmness: Soft to hard.
  • Ttemperature:77 ° F to 89 ° F( 25 to 28 ° C).

Classification of Bichirs 

  • Order: Polypteriformes.
  • Suborder: none.
  • Family members: Polypteridae.
  • General: Polypterus.
  • Common name: Senegal Bichir Cuvier Bichir, Bichir, Sailfins.
  • Circulation : Central Africa, Lake Albert, Rudolph as well as Chad likewise found in Gambia, Niger and also Senegal.

General Body Form of Dinosaur Bichirs

Long and also slim in type, they are kept in mind for a lot of primitive functions. Their ranges are hard and also shiny and also are different from other fish by their rhomboid form. The Dorsal fin is really comprised of a number of smaller sized fins, type of looking like saw edged teeth. This fin also gives them one of the usual names (Sailfins) that we know them by.

Coloration of Bichir’s Spesies

Not an excessively striking fish, The base color is Silver Gray to Yellow Brown. The underside is rather White as well as the fins are a pale Yellow. Just what the Bichirs lack in color they make up with their individuality.

Dinosaaur Bichirs Life Span, Diet plan, Reproduction, Size.

Polypterus ornatipinnis are carnivorous and feed primarily on small fish and also worms. The terrific animals head out of their all-natural environment at the borders of lakes as well as rivers in order to feed. They have the tubular nostrils, which assist after that to catch their prey, with the scent of the prey.

These are tranquil animals and also do disappoint aggressiveness to the members even when kept in an aquarium. Nevertheless, it must be made sure that these fishes could be struck by algae consuming fish or plecs. This occurs as a result of the development of bacteria on the body of these fish and the plecs might obtain attracted in the direction of it.

Dinosaur Bichir Reproduction and Breeding

The generating season in these varieties is in between August as well as September. At this part of time the African lakes as well as rivers overflow and type swamps and also marshes. These species seek each other in these swamps and also marshes. When the couples gathering they leap out of the water. After that the male takes place the top of the lady as well as after that push her either with its head or sweeps her with help of its anal fin. These species seem to be swollen and also folded in the breeding season.

Dinosaur Bichir and Fish tank

These varieties resemble a salamander with bright speckles and black bodies. This is an old and also unusual fish and usually does not fit with the other fishes in a storage tank. These fishes have a features of concealing in a storage tank, therefore when kept in a storage tank it needs locations to conceal. These outstanding animals could be also kept in tank with a deepness of just one foot. This fish is just one of the most fascinating fish, which requires our defense and preservation from us.

How to Care Dinosaur Bichir? – Dinosaur Bichir Maintenance and Care

We are starting to see a growing number of these fish imported as well as they tend to do well in aquaria. They are a bottom dweller as well as do the majority of the food foraging during the night. They are Carnivorous, yet this should be not a problem as they will certainly thrive on earthworms, tubifex worms as well as fish flesh reduced into strips.

In nature they would certainly hunt for insects and also various other invertebrates. The container needs to be big as well as not extremely brilliant. You have to provide plenty of hiding locations either as rockwork or driftwood. Ensure if your maintaining greater than one that each fish has its very own place to hide.

You are likely not to see them much during the day yet at feeding time they will certainly come out and forage. They have actually an extremely developed feeling of odor and will know as quickly as food is added to the container. They could be territorial to every various other, yet if they have their very own room this will be decreased. They could be maintained with other tool to huge sized non hostile fish.

They have an online reputation as being great houdini as well as can proceed land for short sizes, so take appropriate precautions with your storage tank cover.


Dinosaur Bichir Housing – Tankmates of Dinosaur Bichir

Some Bichirs expand huge and require an appropriately big fish tank. However these are not fish which need large open locations to swim in because they have the tendency to be fairly non-active choosing to conceal in plant thickets so the storage tank does not have to be as huge as it does for a comparable sized Silver Shark or Tinfoil Barb.

As long as the fish can stretch out along the width of the storage tank and also manoeuvre with out any problem then simply utilize common sense as well as check the grown-up size of the varieties that you have an interest in.

The aquarium should be well covered since these fish are great escaper as well as will certainly discover the smallest of gaps. If you locate an escapee also if it really feels fairly dry it deserves returning it to the water since they can endure for a very long time out of water and also it could concern as well as survive.

The best point is to avoid it occurring using a solid and also heavy condensation tray and also ensure their are no spaces. Storage tank size should be adequate for the types being maintained, and also it must consist of enough concealing places for all the passengers if it is to continue to be tranquil.

Dinosaur Bichir Conditions

They will certainly approve a vast array of conditions yet the different species do have different preferences which should be met if possible. Yet they will all be fairly pleased as long as extremes in pH and also solidity are prevented. A temp in the variety of 76F to 82F will certainly fit them.

A hectic tank with bogwood origins as well as plants will certainly maintain them material since they should feel secure and also a wide open area could make them shy. Intense lighting will also urge them to conceal.

Dinosaur Bichir Food and Feeding

Polypterus as well as their close family member are predators although some will periodically approve Cichlid pellets. A good range of food will assist maintain them healthy and also will certainly avoid nutritional related troubles linked will a diet regimen which is to slim.

  • Whitebait.
  • Lance fish.
  • Shellfishes.
  • Earthworms.
  • Crickets.
  • Bloodworms.

Will certainly all make a good diet plan for them. Fresh or icy food is more effective to live food since they typically aren’t one of the most effective or fast hunters and any live fish used as food would certainly spend rather a long scary time being chased after before it was captured and that is unacceptable as well as meaningless since dead victim is equally as acceptable to them.

Don’t use unwell fish as food for obvious factors. With a fish based diet plan there is a risk of vitamin deficiency as a result of a chemical within the body of all fish which breaks down vitamin B. To counter this you ought to soak the food fish in a product like Kent Zoe which is a vitamin additive for fish, as well as by using enough of the non-fish things as food also.


This ought to be kept restrained, or if you have real-time plants make them extremely dense to ensure that the floor is maintained relatively dim, Polypterus are generally nocturnal as well as they will certainly be extremely shy in bright lightning.

Observations of my Bichirs – Type of Bichir

I have maintained a complete o; five individual Bichirs in all from three types.

Polypterus Senegalus

These are by far the most energetic of the three as well as the least reluctant. They proactively swim about the majority of the moment they wonder and also eager to explore anything new. They don’t fight either amongst themselves or with other fish.

This types is rather ordinary but they stay at a convenient dimension they are very easy to feed and look after. This is probably the most effective types to get for your very first Bichir or if you wish to make a great display.

Polypterus Ornatipinnis

This species is one of the best looking fish in the family. Mine are really timid and also they hardly ever endeavor out during the day with the exception of feeding. They are also a bit much more quarrelsome amongst themselves and they attempt to take the food off various other fish.

These additionally grow larger compared to the previous species and will certainly require a larger tank. They are efficient predators and can capturing much faster and much more dexterous varieties.

Polypterus Congicus

This is a large as well as powerful types, I had to make a heavier condensation tray due to the fact that mine maintained raising the old one off with ease. I have mine in with a range of various other fish without any troubles. He is content to slowly walk around the tanks floor trying to find tidbits of food he does stay out outdoors throughout the day time yet he isn’t really extremely active.

He likewise took a bit longer to resolve in as well as initially he refused to eat for nearly a week. Now that he has actually settled he is feeding well and so far he has actually been totally peaceful in spite of being the biggest fish in the tank.

Erpetoichthys calabaricus

Typically called the Rope fish or Reed fish and is a very close relative of the Bichirs however it does not have pelvic fins which exist in Polypterus. They are found in Nigeria and also Cameroon in Africa. They could get to a size of 16″ in the wild but usually much less in the fish tank. These fish are the greatest of all escaper as well as any kind of small spaces should be plugged, also where air pipes and cords get in the fish tank.

They prefer acidic water pH 6.5 to 6.9, hardness isn’t really crucial however prevent extremes. And Like the Bichirs it is mainly a nocturnal seeker making use of smell to situate it target. They are tranquil fish as well as a number of could be kept together without a problem.

Another Important Information about Dinosaur Bichir

All Polypterus are effectively known for jumping out. It isn’t really a case of “if” yet extra a case of “when”. Ensure they are quite possibly covered whatsoever times and also plug any little voids where the cords or air pipes go into the storage tank or one way or another one will get away.

When they have expanded to grown-up size these are effective fish so the cover along with being total likewise has to weigh to make sure that it can not conveniently be removed.

If the most awful happens and also one does get away as well as you uncover it time later on don’t immediately presume the worst. These fish have a primitive lung which permits them to survive out of water for quite a long time. So the very first point to do is to return it thoroughly to the container and also see if it is alive.

If it is it will need some tender loving care for a while till it could be taken care of back to full wellness.
To start with it will have lots of abrasions and bruising.

So to prevent second infection use a wide spectrum anti bacteria/fungal solution such as Interpet No 9 Anti Internal Germs, despite the name it is a great item for this type of point since it stays energetic in the water for quite at some time and also give the fish time to begin healing.

A dosage of tension layer will also aid in this scenario therefore long as the fish can after that be left in tranquility (ideally in its own storage tank) no further treatment ought to be needed.

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