Types of Guppy Fish with Pictures, Fact and Information about Guppies Care

TYPES OF GUPPY – There are numerous different sorts of guppies that it’s hard to detail them all, as well as dog breeders are frequently functioning to develop new selections at all times. If you’ve ever before visited a family pet store and admired the different sort of guppies you saw there, it may shock you to understand that you’ve likely just seen a fraction of the selections these fish can be found in.

Generally identifying guppy varieties can be identified on the basis, features of the front of the body (top body), the rear body (reduced body), fin, base color and combination of them.

Naming the attributes of the front or upper body generally recognized is platinum, metal because of the color of platinum or metallic in the front body (chest), on the back of the body (reduced body) is understood names coat, pink, white, blue Japan, the combined front and cobra rear body understood pattern, while the fins are gotten used to give calling formed like a delta, spades, fan, lyre, sword, swallow, and elongated dorsal bow, the shade such as blue, red, white, yellow and pattern such as yard, Mozaic.

Calling is the most generally carried out on the basis of body color like blue, red, black and also eye color like an albino. Red eye color that currently can be decreased to the future generation also called RREA (Real Red Eye Albino).

In some cases the identifying is provided likewise on the basis of the country where the guppy wased initially introduced such as Germany, Japan, as well as American due to the fact that guppy lover of these nations went across persistent and discover the sort of new guppy.

How to Identify Male and Female Guppies – Types of Guppy

Well wish to know the best ways to various male and female :

1. Male Guppy

  1. Having gonopodium (a bulge behind the pelvic fins), which is a modified anal fin through a lengthy fin.
  2. Her slim body.
  3. The color is brighter.
  4. Dorsal fin is much longer.
  5. His head allowed.

2. Female Guppy

  1. Behind the pelvic fins no gonopodium, but the type of siriphalus.
  2. His body fat
  3. The color is less bright.
  4. Dorsal fin level.
  5. The head was sharp.

Different Types of Guppy Fish – Most Beautiful Guppy

Cobra Guppy

Cobra genetics marked with a skin like a serpent skin on the whole body of male guppy with the shade combination of black, white or yellow. There are many guppy fish with cobra stripe since this is the very first pattern that because could be determined.

Adjustments in genes which are common on the type of cobra is referred to as “lace”. The shoelace genetics has a pattern that is extra subtle and complicated. Because extremely quickly to crossbreeding, cobra pattern could also be found in the female guppy.

Metal Guppy

Calling refers to the shade blue or dark metallic gray on the body of a male guppy fish. The most usual is the kind of Metallic Cobra which is a mix of metallic genes and cobra genetics. This ranges has a metallic-colored on head as well as upper body, as well as the rear body, formed Cobra.

Japan Blue Guppy

The Japan Blue type thought to have stemmed from wild guppy populaces in Japan. Attributes of this type is the existence of blue skies at the side of male guppy, due to the fact that various other genes affect the color can vary from purple to turquoise. Recent growths of the Japan Blue kind is Lazuli Guppy which generaly has a blue shade on the head and also tail.

Pink White Guppy

The characteristics of this guppy type is a white color pink at the base of guppy tail. This varieties recently determined by the source of unknown origin. The shade varies from pink to white. The initial variants shade of this guppy fish have a tail with a red shade, and now more frequently discovered with bright solid shades like blue and white.

Tuxedo Guppy

The genes tuxedo of this guppy fish offer a dark color at the back body (waistline) like a black and also blue shade, but his insurance coverage degree was differ. Generally cover the rear fifty percent of guppy body. Tuxedo genes in addition to offering coloring effects, likewise influence the size of the fin. Tuxedo guppy fish have the tendency to have bigger fins.

Turf guppy

Yard is the advancement of Mosaic. Turf genes are revealed from the pattern and also dorsal fin tail guppy in the form of dot-dot of a factor or blade smooth black or dark blue. Forming node lawn turned out to provide various color, formed lawn blades appear penalty on the yard while the red dots on heaven dot pattern grass Now, both red and blue lawn gress has subtle shades of dot factors. At the beginning of the appearance of grass back fin transparent color so typically called a glass turf.

Leopard Guppy

Leopard identified by thick dots scattered randomly on the fins dark blue to black. The opportunity of genetics ranges established from the Mozaic, but can also be found in crosses between varieties with the sort of cobra guppy a solid shade. When this kind is not too much because it is much less so precious by his pastimes.

Maintaining a Guppy – Guppy Fish Care

Preserving a guppy is reasonably easy compared with making fish and also goldfish. Guppy does not call for a filter and aerator if kept in a small populace. Substitute of water could be over cast when water is already visible, it is meant that the soluble pollutants in the water, ammonia as well as seed starting illness usually go away because such problems will certainly prevent the growth of fish, a filthy setting likewise caused the introduction of different kinds of germs.

Guppy are omnivores or consuming everything, so the food is likewise diverse. Guppy food to be food of life (life food) and artificial food. Each food type has advantages and also drawbacks.

Living foods contain great nourishment, such as silk worms consist of proteins as well as fats that are excellent for development. Blood worms as well as mosquito larvae consist of high healthy protein, helpful for the mother guppy due to the fact that it enhances the top quality of eggs.

Online food is additionally more easily absorbed by the fish quickly as well as do not harm the water high quality if there are leftovers. The weak point of the healthy food is limited in the wild ketersediaanya so the cost is relatively costly, real-time food is also potentially lug bacteria on fish since it originates from open water.

Therefore it is essential to care for live clean and sterile food from germs. Artificial food has benefits in terms of cost and also tidiness. How long do guppy fish live? The disadvantage depends on the much less nutritionally complete as well as usually infect water. Now there is likewise a synthetic food that has a full dietary material yet are quite costly.

The temperature level benefits the guppy between 25-28 levels Celsius. At reduced temperature guppy at risk to disease due to the fact that their body immune systems declined. A disease that normally attacks the guppy to name a few fungi, dropsy and also white spots.

Guppy fish is always healthy for maintenance should be a cost effective location the sunlight a minimum of 2-3 hrs/ day, although indirectly. When guppy already stricken with the disease must be right away divided from other fish as well as dealt with independently so as not to abrade on various other fish.

White spot condition could be gotten rid of by raising the temperature of the fish tank with a heating unit to 30-32 degrees Celsius, whereas various other fungal illness as well as bloodsuckers of fish by taking in a remedy of salt or chemical options such as “Germ Free” or “Blitz Ict” marketed in shops. Each medication has a purpose as well as make use of different regulations.

Guppy health and wellness is additionally affected by hereditary elements or heredity. For that reason, if we seriously need to take into consideration the origin of guppy is whether the outcome of inbreeding, linebreeding, or crossbreeding.

Tillers occurring from linebreeding have healthiness so as not susceptible to disease, whereas chicks from inbreeding process is very easy to condition because of damaged immunity as well as the emergence of recessive characteristics of the offspring is normally damaging due to the fact that inbreeding is genetic.

The Best Ways to Make Reproducing Guppies Tips – Guppy Breeding


To start with, make certain that you have high-grade fish to begin with. If you stroll right into your local fish store and also get some guppies economical sufficient that they use you a novice fish tank will certainly probably end up guppies not so excellent. Guppies could serve as excellent pets for newbie fish caretakers, but they are not a good basis for

Guppies could serve as excellent pets for newbie fish caretakers, but they are not a good basis for premium stress of guppies. Ought to additionally be noted that several fish shops offer “Guppy partner” where the fish come from entirely different strains.

The very best way to obtain top quality appropriate for reproducing objectives Guppy is to contact dog breeders online reputation and also acquisition high-quality specimens from him. This will conserve much time and effort as you will certainly have the primary sampling from the beginning. If you fail to locate a good local public auction there are several trusted dog breeders Guppy can be located online that will offer fish by mail order.

As soon as you discover a reputable breeder, get a young couple. Handicap danger raises if you allow the old type Guppies. Guppies old men also have actually been known to duplicate the problem.


Before you carry out selective breeding, it is essential to establish a plan. Many misguided breeding program in the hands of aquarists fail. Set an objective to begin with, such as raising the dimension and also add shade. After that determined to reproduce a variety of generations to focus on size, prior to shifting to focus on shade.

If you have chosen to concentrate on the size, do not all of a sudden pick fish, tiny fish as a parent just because it reveals a nice color. If you actually can not stand the concept of not proliferating, colorful fish, it is recommended to make a different spawning aquarium where you could concentrate on refining the color without influencing your very first breeding program.


Crowding could create stunted growth. Do not store more than 8-12 guppies in a 10 gallon (approx. 40 L) fish tank. Unless you have lots of buddies to take apart the guppies, you will certainly be forced to select each set of fish to maintain the number below.

Water Quality

Ideally do little water modifications once daily, rather than one big weekly. Maintain water top quality as well as at the exact same time staying clear of quick modifications as wanted.


Basic referrals for Guppies is 65-68 degrees F (18-20 levels C), however generating in the aquarium you must enhance the temperature to 74-78 levels F (23-25 degrees F).


Types of guppy – Guppies really young mini worms as well as can be fed freshly hatched out shrimp brine. Young will appreciate the salt water shrimp are bigger as well as live feed.

You better provide several tiny servings of fish daily from 1 or 2 big. If you want your Guppies to enlarge as feasible, it is important to feed them a whole lot throughout the very first few months of their lives since this is when they experience a period of rapid growth.

Pick wisely for every generation of moms and dads

Do not let your Guppies breed arbitrarily. Pick your male as well as female ideal and also just allows them to breed. Hareem breeding is not suggested. Gather the best samplings of batches 1-2, and then transfer to the next generation.

Guppy Deciding on the Best Man – Guppy Fish Pets at Home

Some dog breeders Guppy immediately allow the initial man with a maturity to breed, but this is not advised. The first male is not likely to be the best one, and it is also true that the first Guppy reach sexual maturation hardly ever grow as large as men grow much more slowly.

Choosing the ideal Women Guppy

The lady who was not always the best looking ladies, since you require ladies that will produce spawn that big – consisting of the big kids. Any kind of Breed your numerous women forever guys the same and also enhance the different batches individually. By doing this, you will certainly understand the sort of female that you should choose for future generations. Utilize the kind of females that generate male Guppies best.

Related Strains

It is suggested to keep associated pressures Guppies. Too much interbreeding can be unsafe for the stressful, since it was a great idea to sometimes go across both relevant pressures. We advise utilizing Guppy strains related to the same color. Interbreeding will certainly produce a high percentage of fish with disabilities, such as ruptures or fish with uneven backs. Reduced fertility price is additionally an indication of too much interbreeding.

With time as well as perseverance the mulberry leaf comes to be silk

If you wish to breed Guppies highest quality, you should hold your horses. Improving the top quality of strain is a slow-moving and also steady process, and also often can easily forget the lengthy series of little enhancements have actually been achieved from generation to generation.

Types of Guppy

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