How Long Do Betta Fish Live and All about Betta Fish to Better Know Your Betta

how long do betta fish live

How Long Do Betta Fish Live? 2-3 years is a common life-span of a domesticated betta fish, nonetheless approximately 6 years is very achievable as well as 10 can be done! You simply should make certain you could provide your betta fish the very best setting possible.

Its this blog site’s objective is making that Ten Years accomplishment possible for you and your combating fish.

Secret Betta Tip: Bettas are often adults when cost pet dog shops. Ask how old the fish is to guarantee you have your fish for the lengthiest time feasible and even get a very young betta from a dog breeder rather.

Maintaining Your Betta Fish Healthy and balanced and Happy

You will certainly commonly see these vivid little fish in little containers at the animal store. They are offered this way due to the fact that they can not be kept together in one big betta tank as the males will fight each various other. These tiny tanks are not appropriate space for betta fish; betta fish preferably require about 5 gallons of individual room in their storage tank. We have a page about the very best storage tanks for betta fish here.

If you decide to “save” among these betta fish from their small jail, then you will certainly have to buy your personal betta tank, as well as betta fish food, betta fish plants and also other accessories for your brand-new pet dog. Have a look at the tools all betta fish proprietors need.

As mentioned prior to preferably your betta container will certainly be at the very least 5 gallons, 1.5– 2 gallon storage tanks have gotten the job done for lots of proprietors however we feel 5 is the magic minimal number for the happiest and also healthiest betta.

Betta specific fish food is wonderful as it has thought about the all-natural diet plan of the fish as well as has been generated to match (or close sufficient) the fish’s natural requirements.

A couple of real-time aquarium plants could offer a wonderful resort for your betta. It can additionally provide color to help stay clear of algae growing so fast as well as could additionally assist normally strain some contaminations as well as nitrogen that will certainly build up in the tank.

We have some details on the all-natural environment of bettas and also just how your tank could be set up to reproduce this on the homepage.

Life span of the Betta Fish

So, how much time do Betta fish live?

The length of time do betta fish liveIf raised under optimum problems, the betta fish could live to approximately 6 years, but in most cases a domesticated Betta fish will just live concerning fifty percent that time. This is due to the nourishment and also living conditions are not always excellent.

One advantage of having a betta as a pet dog is that it could be maintained in a reasonably tiny tank. The other hand to this is that the all-natural waste from the fish contaminates the water in the betta tank quicker. Make sure to clean your storage tank out routinely– every week you ought to be removing 10– 15% of your water and changing it with fresh conditioned water.

Betta Suggestion : The female betta fish will normally live a bit longer by a few months compared to a male betta fish. However, most individuals favor the males due to the fact that they are much more colorful as well as have longer and fancier fins.

Aid Your Betta Live Longer

If you want your betta fish to live as long as possible, then be sure to feed it with betta fish food like brine shrimp, blood worms as well as particularly significant food for bettas.

Combating fish have a tendency to be picky concerning their food, frequently general tropical fish food just won’t cut it as well as they will certainly not eat it (resemble queens and imitate queens). However remember, overfeeding your betta can be equally as negative as under feeding, a couple of pellets daily (or half the amount and also offer when in morning as soon as in the evening) will certainly be simply fine– once a week you could leave a day out, this assists to decrease the risk of bowel irregularity.

An additional variable for how long a betta fish will certainly live is the water temperature level in the betta tank. Make sure to keep the water at in between 75 as well as 79 degrees Fahrenheit. There are special little heating systems that you could utilize for bettas as well as with your heating system you ought to constantly purchase a trustworthy storage tank thermometer to keep track of the temperature level. A 25 watt heating system will certainly suffice!

Although we strongly it,  if you do prefer to maintain your betta in a little storage tank it is most likely best not to make use of a heating system whatsoever. A storage tank heating unit in a tiny storage tank could result in the water temperature increasing really rapidly, which is bad for the battling fish– it could be nearly like cooking them. If you do prefer to maintain your betta in a tiny container, try and also situate it in a cozy location in your house.

All in all, care for your betta fish and you will obtain the satisfaction of its business for several years to find.

20 Interesting betta fish facts to better know your betta

betta fish water

All about betta fact –  At first discovered in Southeast Asia as well as initially occupying flooding levels, water drainage ditches and rice paddies, the magnificently colored Betta fish is frequently maintained as a visual design in residences as well as workplaces. Additionally called the Siamese combating fish and also ‘The Jewel of the Orient’, they are rather prominent as fish tank pet dogs, and require instead low upkeep and also care.

Most people know very little regarding the nature and attribute of these multi-colored fish. Here are 20 interesting realities about Betta fish that will certainly make you like and also appreciate them, and probably even intend to have some of your very own.

If you appreciate this list you may enjoy learning about several of the weirdest animals worldwide. And also no, the Betta isn’t really among them!

1. Bettas Are Meat-eating In Nature


betta fish eat

Normally, Betta fish are predators (or, to be more specific, insectivores). They favor to feed on insect larvae, worms, fish pellet and flakes. They additionally prey on eggs of pests occasionally. As a whole, if you see Bettas feeding off of plant origins and also such, it suggests they’re extremely hungry as well as incapable to discover the insects they crave for.

2. The Warrior ‘Bettah’

betta fish fight

Betta fish derived their name from an old warrior group from Thailand, as well as were given the name in the 1800s once they came to be prominent for their battling abilities. In those times Betta fish fights were a popular sport – so prominent, actually, that the King of Siam decided to have them controlled and strained. Bets were placed on the valor of the Betta fish during fights rather then on the damage brought upon.

3. Upturned Mouth Framework

betta fish face



A fish’s way of life is significantly figured out by the positioning of its mouth. Downward-facing mouths, such as those located on Catfish and various other bottom-dwelling fish, enable them to feed near the ground, from sand, rock surfaces, etc

Betta fish have actually upturned mouths, a placement known as the ‘exceptional mouth’ when it involves fish. It enables them to successfully feed near the water’s surface area, enabling them to catch mosquito larvae and tiny insects from the floating plant life.

4. They Develop Bubble Nests To assist Protect Their Eggs

betta fish bubble nest


Preparing the space for the getting here eggs is the obligation of the male Betta. They will certainly make bubble nests for the eggs by taking in air then spitting out a bubble installed in the spit. This procedure comes intuitively to male Bettas, and they could even engage in this practices if there are no women existing around them.

5. Betta Fish Sporting activity a Huge Range Of Diverse Tail Shapes

betta fish halfmoon


One of the most typical Betta tail is the shroud tail, which is an added long, moving dual tail, and is specifically stunning. Besides this, there are a number of various other tail forms like dual tail, half moon, crown tail and more.

If you put a mirror before a Betta, it will certainly see its own representation and also believe it to be an opponent. Immediately it will go on a dealing with spree, swing fins as well as moving about. As soon as the mirror is eliminated, the Betta will really feel victorious, believing that the battle has actually been won.

6. Wild Betta Fish Are Very Various From The Household Selection

betta fish in same tank

Wild Bettas are usually a dull brown shade as well as their dorsal red stripes are darker after that their house counterparts. They’re everything about survival in hostile environments, therefore their colors assist them camouflage themselves from killers. The Bettas are native to the Mekong Container, flowing through Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and also Vietnam. They are usually located in superficial, fresh water locations like ponds and also streams.

7. Feeding Your Betta – Regular Meals Are Much better

betta fish feeding

Your Bettas need to be fed with little yet regular dishes. Their tummy size amounts to that of an eyeball and also the most effective feeding schedule is to supply it food two times a day. Pet dog Bettas actually plead for food when they see anybody nearby.

8. Betta Fish Taste With Their Fins

betta fish aquarium ideas

The delicate fins of the Bettas have some muscles, afferent neuron and taste. This allows the Bettas to taste food or other object with their fins.

9. Males Are The Kid Raisers In The Household

betta fish cloudy eye

Yes, it’s the duty of the daddy Betta. For 3-4 days after the mating, the french fries (baby Bettas) take in nutrients from their corresponding yolk cavities. During that time, the men are the caretakers, returning any hatchling that falls from the bubble nest. This securing activity continues till the fry can swim as well as prey on its very own.

10. Betta Fish Could Breathe Air

how long do betta fish live

Bettas have a special body organ whereby they could inhale air like human beings. This special body organ, referred to as the maze, is really critical and also aids the Bettas to endure in sluggish streaming streams as well as rice paddies, wherein the oxygen content of the water is somewhat reduced.

11. The Betta Courtship Ritual Is Hostile

how long do betta fish live

This varieties of fishes lay eggs and also go with an amazing courtship which looks essentially like a fight between the male as well as the lady. This takes place because prior to the actual courtship happens, the woman and the man will fight for the exact same territory. You may call this an actual fight of the sexes!

12. Betta Fish Are Very Smart (For A Fish)

how long do betta fish live

Bettas score high on the intelligent ratio. With adequate training, they could be shown to go through hoops, dive for food as well as can additionally call bells when starving. The little family pets can additionally recognize their proprietors and swim in the direction of the storage tank’s front throughout feeding time.

13. Betta Fish Are Bred In Several Pressures of Color styles

how long do betta fish live

The Bettas present a wide variety of color patterns and also stress, with brand-new tinted fish constantly being created by dog breeders. The primary is red, yet you will certainly also come across types that are yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black or purple. There are also a few bettas which have places and also stripes.

14. Male Bettas Usually Flare At Each Other To Develop Prominence

how long do betta fish live

When Bettas feel endangered they tend to flare by sticking out their gill covers and also blurting the operculum, which resembles a big, black beard. This is their method of developing dominance, but takes a huge toll on the fish. Generally it’s the males who flare, but the females of the varieties have been understood to flare also when threatened.

15. Siamese Battling Fish Can Measure up to 9 Years, In Ideal Problems

Although on average Bettas live around 2-3 years, they can live as long as 9 years when the water conditions ready and also they undergo regular workout. This is an incredibly long life span compared to various other fish types.

16. Bettas Could Experience Irregular bowel movements

Constipation could be a harmful condition for Betta Fish, bring about an enlarged digestion tract as well as swim bladder disorders. The usual reasons are overfeeding and also reduced temperature level. A constipated Betta shows up puffed up as well as presents problem in excreting.

17. The Males Of The Species Are Exceptionally Territorial

Ironically the male Betta fish behave in an extremely alpha method when around various other aggresive fish of any kind, in particular other Betta males. They are very territorial and have actually been recognized to fight up until they kill, or are eliminated, by their challengers in order to secure their area. This is the factor Bettas are frequently placed in remote tanks at family pet stores, or at one of the most with other, much more docile fish – and you’ll never ever discover 2 Betta men in the exact same fish tank.

18. Feeding Your Betta – Salt water Shrimp Are A Reward

Frozen brine shrimp in ice is an actual delicacy for the Bettas. Place an ice in the Bettas’ container or container as well as you will discover them jabbing at it, up until it melts. On release of the brine shrimp from the melted ice, the Betta will gladly being feeding.

19. The Color Of Siamese Battling Fish Aid Signify Their Health and wellness

You can rapidly figure out if your Betta is healthy as well as delighted by the color of its fins. The brighter and also richer the colors are, the much healthier your fish is. This is a great guideline for fast diagnosis.

20. Betta Betta Splendens

Bettas are understood for their jewel-bright shades and also amazing fins as well as can be found in a wide variety of morphs. They have been described as Siamese combating fish because of the male betta’s extreme aggression toward other bettas.

How to Take Care of a Betta Fish

how long do betta fish live

Bettas are understood for their jewel-bright colors and magnificent fins and come in a wide array of morphs. They have been referred to as Siamese dealing with fish due to the male betta’s severe aggressiveness toward other bettas.

Betta facts

  • typical grown-up size:2 1/2 inches long, not consisting of tail
  • average life expectancy: approximately 3 years with proper treatment
  • diet plan: carnivore.
  • minimum aquarium size:1/ 4+ gallons.
  • water temperature:72 -82 ° F.

Diet plan

A healthy Betta diet plan consists of:.

  • A variety of flakes, pellets, freeze-dried bloodworms and icy food to make certain total nourishment.


Points to remember when feeding your Betta:.

  • Feed sparingly and also no more than fish could eat in 1 to 2 mins; overfeeding could promptly nasty the water, especially in smaller sized, unfiltered aquariums.
  • Thaw frozen foods prior to feeding.
  • Infant bettas require a smaller pellet or carefully smashed flake food when feeding.


  • Keep in a suitably sized fish tank. Bettas must have the ability to take a breath from the surface area of the water. They choose water with little or no present.
  • Male bettas are maintained separately and do best in habitats of one liter (about a quarter of a gallon) or bigger. Male bettas can live effectively in a community container that does not have hostile fish (such as tiger barbs) or fish that bettas might become aggressive towards (such as elegant guppies). Female bettas might be housed with other community fish or various other female bettas.
  • Secure water high quality and also specifications are crucial to the health of aquatic life. If you are uncertain of your water top quality, Petco offers totally free water screening.


  • Bettas breathe from the water’s surface area with their labyrinth body organ along with their gills.
  • Bettas will “flare” fins when endangered or disturbed and to reveal aggressiveness.
  • Male bettas will certainly assault other male bettas and also men have actually additionally been understood to assault similar-looking fish as well as fish with moving fins.

Habitat Maintenance

Daily: check filter, water temperature as well as various other devices (if used).

Weekly: Inspect water high quality at least when a week. Do a 50% water alter for tiny environments (less than 2 gallons) as soon as a week. In bigger aquariums, modification 10 to 25% of the overall volume of water every 2 to 4 weeks, or more frequently as required.


Male bettas should be kept in private containers or be the only betta in an area aquarium. Women bettas could be kept in an area tank. Do not maintain male as well as women bettas together.


Signs of a Healthy Fish

  • Active as well as alert.
  • Eats on a regular basis.
  • Vibrant colors (men just).
  • Responds aggressively to outdoors stimulation.

Prevent overcrowded conditions, which are a major cause of tension and also condition. Preserve excellent water quality with routine water changes and also ample filtration.

Red Flags

  • loss of shade or hunger.
  • places or fungi on body or mouth.
  • cloudy eyes.
  • elevated ranges.
  • Unnaturally frayed fins.
  • Listlessness.
  • Labored respirations.
  • Erratic swimming.
  • Weight reduction.
  • Bloating.


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