17 Most Popular Long Haired Cat Breeds Around the World

long haired cat breeds

LONG HAIRED CAT BREEDS – Longhaired pet cats are unbelievably preferred as animals, being soft, silky and also strokable, in addition to attractive to look at! Longhaired pet cats might seem highly interesting the prospective feline proprietor, yet caring for a longhaired feline can be instead much more engaged than looking after their shorthaired equivalents. The fur of a longhaired feline will usually need everyday focus on keep them searching in tiptop problem as well as to ensure that they remain pleased as well as healthy.

If you are thinking about getting a longhaired pet cat, it is necessary to earn certain that you understand that their care needs are a little various from that of various other pet cats. While all felines are typically meticulous concerning their pet grooming, domestic cats kept indoors or on an indoor/outdoor basis will shed their coats seasonally twice a year, which for a longhaired feline, could lead to a substantial amount of fur floating loosened around the house, something that not every animal owner will more than happy with!

The hair of a longhaired pet cat will also naturally be far more susceptible to matting and knotting than that of shorthaired felines, which is why everyday brushing with a brush and also a comb is necessary. Along with this, consumption of huge quantities of hair, something that can occur if a cat is dropping their fur and is not brushed sufficient, could bring about the formation of hairballs in the digestive system.

Hairballs are frequently spit up within the home, which can certainly be rather untidy; but this is far better compared to the choice, a substantial round of hair developing in the stomach, which will ultimately set and possibly create a major obstruction that may need medical removal.

If you are confident that a longhaired pet cat is a great choice for you which you have the moment as well as devotion called for to take care of their coat as well as their various other needs, the next step to take is determining just what sort of longhaired pet cat you may want to own. Read on for our listing of ten of the most preferred longhaired cat breeds

1. Persian Long Haired Cat Breeds

long haired cat breeds


The Persian pet cat is not only the most prominent longhaired feline maintained in the UK, but it is also the most preferred pedigree pet cat type total! The Persian has a long, silky layer and also distinctly squashed face, which in severe instances might lead to issues with the breathing system or the eyes, something that the prospective Persian cat owner ought to recognize.

An alternative range of Persian pet cat, the doll face Persian, has the old-style conventional verification of the breed, with a much less squashed-up face and potentially, less connected illness.

2. Ragdoll Long Haired Cat Breeds

long haired cat breeds


The Ragdoll pet cat is a large and also very popular pet cat type, renowned for their caring natures as well as their stunning layers. Ragdoll pet cats are commonly very trusting as well as not really streetwise, and are in some cases kept as indoor-only cats therefore. The Ragdoll pet cat obtained its name from its propensity to go completely limp and loosen up in the arms of their carer or in a comfy lap, handling the quirks of a rag doll!

3. British Longhair Cat

long haired cat breeds


The British Longhair breed is occasionally known as the ‘Highlander,’ and came from Great Britain from the crossbreeding of various other popular longhaired types. They are average sized with a relatively substantial build, and live a rather inactive way of living, making them well suited to staying in smaller homes as well as apartments.

4. Birman Cat

long haired cat breeds


The Birman cat has a medium-long layer that is typically white or cream in the body, with colourpoint markings just like the Siamese cat. The Birman pet cat is not, as lots of people frequently think, a longhaired version of the Burmese feline; both breeds remain in truth totally unrelated!

5.  Maine Coon Cat

big fluffy cat breeds

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The Maine Coon hails from Maine in The U.S.A.’s New England region, and is among the earliest known feline types on the planet. Maine Coon felines are typically on the big side, and also rather independent and also assertive! They are usually good with pets and also various other animals, and their layers are much easier to take care of compared to numerous other longhaired types.

6. Norwegian Forest Cat

long haired cat breeds


The Norwegian Woodland Feline is one more large breed, often evaluating in at as much as twice the weight of the average residential feline! They enjoy the outdoors, are extremely nimble, and also are commonly prolific seekers. They have a calm personality as well as are very intelligent, frequently appreciating interactive play as well as lots of excitement.

7. Turkish Angora

long haired cat breeds


The Turkish Angora is just one of the earliest longhaired feline type in the world, as well as they certainly have the softest layers! Several popular modern-day longhaired cat types are thought to have actually originated from crossbreeding with Turkish Angora felines. They are lengthy legged, classy and graceful. The Turkish Angora comes in different colour variants, however one of the most common as well as prominent colour is pure white.

8. Turkish Van Long Haired Cat Breeds

long haired cat breeds


One more gorgeous longhaired Turkish feline, the Van originates from around the coasts of Lake Van in Turkey, and as well as its large size, distinctive excellent looks as well as warm personality, has one distinctive quality that sets them aside from the large bulk of other feline breeds; these felines actually love water and also most of them are keen swimmers!

9. Balinese Cat

long haired cat breeds


The Balinese cat is thought to be associated with the prominent shorthaired Siamese, and also is usually available in the same colourpoint variants as Siamese cats. They have a single split silky layer that makes grooming fairly very easy, with a lengthy as well as distinctive plumed tail.

10. Siberian Long Haired Cat

long haired cat breeds


The Siberian or Siberian Forest Feline hails from Russia, where its lengthy layer progressed to shield it from the extreme, chilly wintertimes of the Siberian area. It is thought to be one of the primary ancestors of most other long haired feline breeds, along with of the Turkish Angora.

The Siberian’s layer expands in three layers, which implies that a reasonable quantity of attention must be paid to its grooming. However the Siberian feline is commonly considered to be a good pick for allergy victims, as it is thought that their skin creates much less of the Fel d1 healthy protein chain than a lot of other pet cat types, which is thought about to be one of the main irritant causes in individuals.

11. Himalayan Feline

long haired cat breeds


The Himalayan, also known as the Himmy as well as the Colorpoint Persian, is among the most prominent of all full-blooded long-haired cat selections. The Himalayan is available in a vast array of colors. Its body is constantly white to light fawn, and also the color-points are dispersed evenly on the ears, face, legs and tail.

Identified Himalayan shades include delicious chocolate, seal, lilac, blue, red, lotion tortie, blue-cream, chocolate tortie, lilac-cream, seal lynx, blue lynx, red lynx, lotion lynx, tortie lynx, blue-cream lynx, chocolate lynx, lavender lynx, chocolate-tortie lynx and also lilac-cream lynx. The Himalayan, like other Persians, is a medium to large-sized pet cat with a stout, cobby body set on brief, heavily-boned legs.

Himalayans have the characteristic level, open, pansy-like faces of all Persian color varieties. They have great, brilliant blue eyes and also little, perky ears. There is an unique ruff around their necks, resembling a lion’s mane. Like their bodies, their paws are big as well as cosy. Himmys are not born with their full color-points, however instead establish them as they age. Because of this, adults are usually darker compared to kittens. Himalayans have the tendency to mature a bit a lot more quickly than various other Persian varieties, mirroring their Siamese ancestry.

12. Somali Cat

long haired cat breeds


The Somali is moderate searching in all facets with smooth airplanes on her head. She has a gentle dip in the triangular head. Her instead huge ears rest tilted ahead giving her an alert, mindful look as if she is constantly taking note of whatever. The eyes, which look large in the face, show the performance and also intelligence fundamental in the type.

13. Cymric Pet cat

long haired cat breeds


The Cymric is a medium-sized feline that is stocky as well as heavily boned. The Cymric can show up larger compared to she is or you may not understand how hefty she could actually be when she is completely mature.

The Cymric is a rounded feline with a rounded head, round eyes, a satiation at the whisker pads, and also a rounded rump. The means the ears are put kinds a rocker shape when viewed from behind. The back end of her is greater than the front, which appears when she is standing.

14. Asian Semi Long hair Cat Breeds

long haired cat breeds


The adorable Asian Semi-longhairs are a mix of their moms and dad breeds when it concerns personality and behavior. They have the playfulness of the Burmese in addition to the easy going nature from their Persian origins. Some are laid back and web content to brushing themselves in an indoor setting, while various other pet cats of the same type are commonly outward bound and also requiring. They are intelligent as well as caring felines most importantly.

15. Javanese Long Haired Cat Breeds

long haired cat breeds


The Javanese is a medium-sized feline with a long, tubular body. They are extra muscular than the Balinese or Siamese, however they are absolutely a slim feline with great bones.

The head is a precise long triangular as well as the ears are set so they appear to be a continuation of this triangular. The deep eye shade, whether the blue accepted by the Feline Fancier’s Association in the Unites States or the eco-friendly, accepted by fife in Europe, should be very deep and vibrant.

The hair on the Javanese is not actually lengthy however medium in size. To see the size, check out the hair on the tail. The coat is very soft as well as smooth and also had no undercoat. In the Javanese, the factors could show proof of tabby striping as well as tortoiseshell patterns restricted to the factors.


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