25+ Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Stunning Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen Design –  You know, not too long ago the only spaces in your home that you had to worry about designing were those that are inside. But, that’s simply not the case anymore. Even in the coldest climates, homeowners are paying an increasing amount of attention to the design of their outdoor living spaces.

Truthfully, it’s for good reason. Your outdoor living spaces can really change the whole feel of your home, offering you and your family a space where you can enjoy one another’s company – not to mention offering a space where you can throw a killer party.

Not sure what goes into an outdoor kitchen designs, or are you looking for inspiration for you one of your own? Let us encourage you, then, to check out these 47 amazing examples!

Outdoor Kitchen Design Plans

outdoor kitchen design plan

outdoor kitchen plans can be fairly simple. All you need are the right tools and a little creativity. The popularity of outdoor kitchens and dining makes finding prefabricated outdoor kitchen kits and plans easy, and many plans are budget-friendly, too.

Outdoor Kitchen Blueprint

outdoor kitchen desig

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Outdoor Kitchen ideas

Depending on where you call home, outdoor cooking can be a major part of your family’s culinary experience. New outdoor kitchen cabinet ideas are being used in home renovations, adding functional design space to many homes.

Outdoor kitchen cabinets lowes

outdoor kitchen cabinets lowes

Outdoor kitchen cabinets stainless steel

outdoor kitchen cabinets stainless steel

Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Everyone knows that the right lighting enhances everything from colors to moods, but there are a few things you may not know about outdoor kitchen lighting ideas that can affect everything from food preparation to mosquito control.

Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Ideas


Outdoor Bbq Kitchen Lighting Ideas

outdoor kitchen bbq lighting

Outdoor Kitchen Bar Ideas

outdoor bar lighting ideas


Adding a bar to your outdoor kitchen or backyard gathering spot should be as practical as it is fun. We have some tips on how to maximize your space and your budget by implementing some great outdoor kitchen bar ideas.

Small Outdoor Kitchen Design

Small Outdoor Kitchen Design

Just because you have a small outdoor space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the fun of outdoor entertaining. Applying small outdoor kitchen ideas can be simple with the help of portable and prefabricated products made for outdoor cooking and dining.

Designing for a small space may require a little handy know-how and some creativity. Your first task will be to measure your space. No matter what the size of the area, proper measurements are essential in the planning and design of an outdoor kitchen. A good measuring tape or a laser distance measurer will make the job much easier.


A good chef is a clean chef – so, you’ll appreciate having a dishwasher in your outdoor kitchen!


If you’re building your outdoor kitchen around the corner of your home, a curved layout can work excellently!


There’s a lot to like about this outdoor kitchen except for one thing – check out that sink placement! Don’t make the same mistake.

The Galaxy Outdoor Barbecue Island Design Center is a great way to physically layout your future Outdoor Kitchen area, this will allow you to almost experience your BBQ island before it’s even in your backyard. The Galaxy Outdoor team has taken an innovative modular approach to barbecue island design.

Simple outdoor kitchen ideas

simple outdoor kitchen ideas

Barbecue Outdoor Kitchen Design

Barbecue Outdoor Kitchen Design

The modular island sections, which have been placed on rollers will enable you to create infinite barbecue island designs. Come on in and get some idea’s, move the island components around, let us know what you want in your backyard. We’re here to recommend and gently guide you through the entire design process.

Italian Outdoor Kitchen Design

italian Outdoor Kitchen Design

Outdoor kitchens are becoming an interesting niche of our market. Piero Lissoni has designed a work-station for preparation, cooking, washing, and most of all, a place where one can enjoy the great pleasures of eating fine food! It is our belief that with the best products, come the best results.

The project itself will be presented on a wooden deck, accompanied by special lighting, making the entire staging feel like a Sicilian religious ceremony. We are really looking forward to welcoming everyone that stops by, especially in the evenings.

Modern Outdoor Kitchen Design

Modern Outdoor Kitchen Design

An outdoor kitchen is an ideal way to spice up a backyard and create a fantastic space for entertaining guests or hosting family celebrations! You don’t have to be (or have) a professional chef to enjoy an outdoor kitchen setting

More Outdoor Kitchen Design Pictures and Ideas

Sophisticated Neutral Style

outdor kitchen design

The combination of white and gray is one that represents elegance and gives the outdoor kitchen a refined look. The balance between bright and matte color hues makes a perfect setting for casual gatherings as well as more formal celebrations!

Mixed and Blended

mixed and blended outdoor kitchen ideas

A stone countertop is surely a very raw and industrial component in any outdoor kitchen, giving the whole setting a remarkably strong and cold look! The beauty of using stone is that it can easily fit with any other material and color, so you can retain the decorative freedom and always count on having an interesting element to be the focal point.

Outdoor kitchen design pictures and ideas

outdoor kitchen ideas

when designing an outdoor space, personalization is key. This is especially true for outdoor kitchens. Design with your preferences and lifestyle in mind to get the most out of your space. If you’d rather just order pizza, don’t install an outdoor pizza oven. If you’re a grill-master, opt for the tricked-out grilling station. You’ll be much more likely to get outside and use your space if it speaks to your culinary tendencies.

I’ve rounded up some of our best outdoor kitchen designs for inspiration. Take a look, and see which ideas work for you.


Outdoor Kitchen with Fireplace

Outdoor Kitchen

Similar to a fire pit, a fireplace lends a sense of comfort to an outdoor kitchen. Consider adding a fireplace if you’re aiming to bring the indoors out.

Outdoor Kitchen with Pizza Oven

outdoor kitchen with pizza oven

If you enjoy making homemade pizzas, this one’s for you. If you’re totally down with delivery (no judgment here!), skip this one.

Luxurious Outdoor Bar & Grilling Station

Luxurious Outdoor Bar & Grilling Station

Do you plan on crafting more cocktails than meals? Make the bar the focus of your outdoor kitchen.

Tricked-Out Grilling Station

outdoor kitchen ideas

Attention, grill-masters! This is your time to shine. The bells and whistles available for grilling stations are endless. Again, choose based on your tendencies and preferences.

Contemporary Outdoor Kitchen And Swimming Pool

outdoor kitchen ideas

Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

The bar and grill combination is perfect for entertaining. Barstool seating creates a casual hangout spot for family and friends.

Poolhouse with Outdoor Kitchen

poolhouse with outdoor kitchen


Also ideal for entertaining, the pool house and outdoor kitchen combination creates a space where adults and kids can simultaneously gather.


outdoor kitchen design


Sports fanatics, meet top-of-the-line tailgating. Your friends will be begging to come over for the big game.

The View

outdoor kitchen design

If your locale’s this lovely, let it do the talking. Design your outdoor kitchen to accentuate the view.

Stone Outdoor Kitchen

stone outdoor kitchen design

Create shade with a beautiful pergola. A pergola also provides somewhere to mount light fixtures and fans.

Vent Hood

vent hood outdoor kitchen design

If your outdoor kitchen has a partial enclosure or roofed covering, it’s a good idea to install a hood to vent smoke and odors.


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