15+ Romantic Bedroom Ideas : Stylish Tips for Romantic Bedroom Decorating

Romantic Bedroom Ideas – Designing your romantic new bedroom can be fun and easy if you use a farrow and ball colour chart when picking colors to paint with. The chart can also be used as a reference for colors you will choose for other elements of your design.

Wall Colour

For three of the walls in the bedroom, “Off-White” 3 makes a wonderful neutral with a warm tone. The lightness of this colour will contrast very well with the richness of the focal point wall.

One wall should be designated as a focal point wall, and for this a darker colour should be chosen. “Rectory Red” 217 is a beautifully rich, romantic hue that will help you to create the ambiance you want in your newly decorated room.

Trim and Ceiling Colour

If you are fortunate enough to have crown moldings in the bedroom, it is best to really make these pop by painting them a shade or two lighter than the neutral wall colour chosen above. “Pointing” 2003 is a great choice for any molding or trim in the room, and also for the ceiling. If there are window frames you wish to paint, or boards lining the bottom of the walls, these should all be painted with 2003 as well.

Headboard, Footboard, and Other Furniture

If you have a headboard and footboard on your bed, you may wish to paint these, along with other small pieces of bedroom furniture which need sprucing up. “Off-Black” 57 from the Farrow and Ball colour chart will help your furniture make a dramatic statement. If you have any wrought iron items in your bedroom, these will go along very well with this colour scheme. If you do not have any wrought iron furniture or decor pieces, you may wish to consider purchasing some for this project.

Bed Linens

Obviously you will not be painting your bed linens, but you may wish to buy some new ones to go with the new paint in your bedroom. If you are searching for bed linens, look for light neutral tones, much like “Off-White” 3, with romantic patterns. Brocade would be an interesting and beautiful choice as well.


With this type of romantic makeover for the bedroom, sheer curtains will really add to the room’s overall look and feel. You want to choose something in a see-through, gauzy material which looks light and airy. A muted red, sheer curtain in a color similar to “Cinder Rose” 246 would cast a beautiful rosy glow throughout the room when the sun shines through. In the alternative, curtains of the same type in a color much like “Pointing” 2003 would be gorgeous as well.


Candles really help to raise the romantic factor of a room. If you can find candles in a shade similar to “Middleton Pink” 245, they would look absolutely perfect on a bedside table.

Finally, there is nothing quite so romantic or sophisticated as a chandelier in the bedroom. Try to find an elegant, mid-size chandelier with some of the same color components used in the bedroom decor. If the chandelier can be wired to a switch with a dimmer, you will have achieved perfection.

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