Small Deck Ideas : Pictures & Inspiration of Small Deck Decorating Ideas

Small Seck Ideas – If you’re living on a small lot but have big ideas about outdoor living, meet the challenge with careful planning and a reality check.

Once you’ve prioritized, get out a tape measure and start deciding the size and shape of your deck. Many decking manufacturers and home improvement centers have free online deck design tools that you can use to sketch out your small deck ideas. They’ll include icons for various pieces of furniture and deck accessories so you can dial in the right configuration.

Keeping the design simple is a good idea for a small deck. Squares and rectangles provide lots of usable square footage and an easy-to-build shape. Be sure to include a sensible traffic pattern that lets you access your yard from your deck.

How to building a small deck ideas

1. Evaluate your needs

Your lifestyle can and should play a huge part in any small-deck design ideas. Before you do anything, think about how you currently use your outdoor space and how you’d like to use it. For example, if you regularly gather family and friends for meals, then you’ll want to maximize deck area for seating as well as include a spot for a grill. But if you have a large lawn for playing and relaxing, a deck might serve a whole different purpose in your daily life

2. Maintain the proper scale

Before you begin sorting through small-deck designs, think about scale. Your small deck should feel as though it maintains consistent proportion to both the yard and your home. Too small or too big, and either landscape or the small deck will feel overwhelmed.

3. Establish a connection from house to deck and deck to yard

Nothing makes a small deck look more awkward than a design that looks out of place with its surroundings. One of the keys in successful small-deck design ideas is to ensure that the style, materials, and shape feel in sync with both your home and your landscape. You’ll also want to create a small-deck design that encourages an efficient, natural flow between inside and outside. For example, if doors to your kitchen lead

to a side yard, that unexpected spot might be the best place for a small deck.

4. Think in levels and curves

Oftentimes, homeowners let difficult yard situations, such as an awkward slope, discourage them from including a small deck. But decks, even in a minuscule yard or space, can be a great way to conquer those landscape demons. For example, a stepped-down small-deck design can provide multiple levels for gathering, serve for different functions, and help you get rid of grass that never grows or cover a slope that always erodes. A curved small-deck design might help you squeeze a few extra square feet (as well as a secluded nook) out of a tiny landscape.

5. Provide visual relief

On small-deck designs, there’s less space to distract the eye, so the details take on heightened significance. Think overhead, on the sides, and underfoot. Try an arbor to create a cozier structure (and provide supports for flowering vines). Distinguished rails offer visual relief, as do rail planters and metal accents. A deck floor in a pattern such as basket weave or one set on a diagonal creates interest.

6. Offer storage

Just because your deck is small doesn’t mean it shouldn’t work hard. Much like shelves, hooks, and drawers in the tiniest linen closet, there are multiple ways to put your small-deck design to work. Think of built-in seating with lids that flip up to hide outdoor cushions and toys. If your small deck is elevated, try hidden storage underneath for seasonal furniture.

7. Include plantings

Whether they’re in containers or between the small deck and the rest of your landscape, flowers, trees, and shrubs are key to melding deck with yard. Use small shrubs to disguise footings, posts, and corners; trees to offer shade; and flowers to connect with gardens elsewhere in the yard.

8. Finish it off

Just because your deck is small doesn’t mean you should pay less attention to the final flourishes. Plan for convenient outlets. Choose complementary fabrics and furniture that enhance the design of the small deck and your outdoor living space. Do what you can to create a space that feels comfortable and welcoming.

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