Syrian ‘Teddy Bear’ Hamsters

Teddy bear hamsters are unbelievably adorable as well as make great animals, the common name wherefore’s referred to as the Syrian hamster. The average lifespan of a teddy bear hamster is about 2-3 years in bondage, and much less time in the wild.

And individualĀ hamster can live much shorter or longer depending upon their lifestyle, diet plan, as well as care. The earliest documented teddy bear hamster lived for 8 years.

a syirian hamster

The teddy bear hamster is a colloquial name for the Syrian hamster (Mesocricetus auratus), likewise referred to as a golden hamster. They are by far the most common range of hamster as well as are kept as pets the globe around. Due to their ease of increasing as well as rapid reproduction cycles, hamsters have also been utilized as a design microorganism busy.

The Syrian hamster was very first found in 1839 in the city of Aleppo, Syria (hence its namesake), yet the type was not fully domesticated until 1939. It shows up that all existing laboratory as well as family pet Syrian hamster are descendants of a brother-sister set that were captured in Syria in 1930.

After being bred in Jerusalem, participants of the succeeding reproduction colony were exported to the US where they came to be popular home pets.

Composition Of Syrian Hamster

Syrian hamsters typically have brief round bodies, stocky legs and also feet, and have brief smooth golden brownish hair. There are other people of the varieties who do have various colors, varying from black to white to spotted and also some also have long great hair that calls for special maintenance.

They reach about 5-7 inches in length as grownups and evaluate around 4 ounces (concerning 1/4th of an extra pound). Hamsters do have tails, however they are really brief relative to their bodies therefore are somewhat concealed.

One of the a lot more noteworthy physical attributes of Syrian hamsters is their lengthy and sharp incisor teeth. The hamster’s incisor teeth never ever quit growing as they age, so they have to be frequently put on down by eating on things.

The sharp teeth additionally aid the hamster chew via challenging nuts, seeds, and roots. Large cheek pouches permit the rodent to keep added food.

They have inadequate sight as they are both nearsighted and colorblind. In spite of their bad vision, hamsters have fairly great hearing and can distinguish between and also communicate with audios in the ultrasonic array.

teddy bear hamster


Golden hamsters are crepuscular pets, implying that they are primarily energetic during golden. In the wild, they invest the majority of the day underground, arise regarding one hr before sunset to try to find food, after that return back to their underground burrows after the sun sets.

They favor cozy and also dry spaces, clarifying why they were first found near deserts in Syria. Throughout the winter months, they get in a state of hibernation where their body temperature level goes down to 20 Ā° C as well as their metabolic rate is lowered to 5% of its normal levels, which enables them to save power.

Technically, hamsters are not true hibernators, as they only enter into such a state for durations (” torpors”) of 10-20 days, not for an extended time period.

Hamsters are exceptional diggers and also are understood to develop instead intricate underground burrows with several entrances as well as departures. They also will create specific areas implied for resting, elevating their young, utilizing the bathroom, as well as hoarding food.

Their burrows also serve as beneficial defense from killers due to the fact that they are built regarding 1 meter underground. Domestic hamsters will still tunnel if offered the suitable room to do so. Occasionally, hamsters in the wild have actually been discovered to inhabit the abandoned burrows of other delving types.

Like mice, hamsters are omnivores as well as feed mainly on seeds, nuts, little pests, and food that is left behind by human beings. They will certainly also eat their own feces to remove any nutrients they might not have at first soaked up.

Syrian hamsters are solitary animals and also will boldy safeguard their area against other, particularly men. Housing male Syrian hamsters together can cause anxiety in the pets as well as lead to deadly combating.

However, they likewise will certainly end up being passive following a social defeat by an additional hamster as a type of discovered helplessness. Hamsters actually have a reasonably complicated system of endocrine signaling that is in charge of screens of social supremacy as well as submission.

This indigenous aggression makes mating Syrian hamsters often challenging. If the female is not presented when she is in season, potentially fatal combating will take place. The breeding period for Syrian hamsters in the wild occurs during the springtime as well as summer season, but residential hamsters can be made to breed year-round.

Throughout estrous durations, women hamsters will go into heat once regarding every 4 days. While in this period, they release a variety of hormones that lower the men hostility as well as makes them extra responsive to mating.

The regular gestation period for spawn is between 16-18 days, as well as the typical dimension of a trash is 7 dogs. Syrian hamster moms are recognized to in some cases eat their very own young if they regard themselves to be at risk. Newborn dogs get to sexual maturation in about 3-4 weeks.

teddy hamster baby

Syrian hamsters are one of the most typical variant of family pet hamster around the globe. After their domestication as well as breeding between East by biologists working in Jerusalem, Syrian hamsters were imported to the USA. as well as the industrial hamster sector was begun in Mobile, Alabama.

They likewise ended up being popular as animals in the U.K. as well as between the years of 2011-2017, it is estimated that over 3 million hamsters were had.

Their fast reproduction cycles as well as ease of raising has actually additionally made Syrian hamsters suitable model microorganisms to utilize in the laboratory. They are commonly made use of to test treatments for various hereditary diseases or cancers.

In particular, trial and error on Syrian hamsters has shed light on tumorigenesis in human patients with non-small cell lung cancer as well as the development of numerous metabolic conditions like diabetes mellitus. Hamsters are also of passion to scientists examining body clocks in animals as they have extremely distinct day-to-day routines.

First research study on hamsters figured out that the animal body clock is regulated by the suprachiasmatic core in the brain.

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